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Blog: How Grace Hopper Program Works

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Women in Tech

Making Women the Smartest Coders in the Room

Katy wants women to become the smartest coders in the room. How? Coding bootcamps like Grace Hopper Program. Read her story and see if her path is right for you.
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Job & Career Advice

Want to Build a Better Product, Team, and Company? Cultivate Empathy First.

Meg Duffy, Program Manager of the Grace Hopper Program, explains why empathy is good for your company, your product, and your team.
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How Fullstack Works

Fullstack Maintains (and Helped Create) CIRR for the Strictest Outcomes Reporting Standards

CIRR (Council on Integrity in Results Reporting) members present honest and complete outcomes reports. We're creating transparency in the world of coding bootcamps.
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How Fullstack Works

Angular to React: Fullstack Academy Updates its Curriculum

In order to mirror industry demand and improve the relevancy of Fullstack Academy's curriculum, a major technology switch from Angular.js to React has recently been implemented. CEO and co-founder, David Yang, takes up the pen to explain why this change was necessary and advantageous for Fullstack's students.
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How Fullstack Works

Reapplying to Fullstack: 3 Ways to Better Prepare

Fullstack Academy's rigorous application process means that not everyone will pass on their first attempt. Luckily, candidates are allowed to reapply after 2 months of additional practice. Here's what our Director of Admissions recommends to level-up your programming game.
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How Fullstack Works

Why do Fullstack and other top coding bootcamps have such hard admissions?

Fullstack - and other schools like Hack Reactor, App Academy, and Flatiron School - have difficult admissions processes and are therefore very selective. Here, our Director of Admissions talks about why this is the case.
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Accessible Tech Education for Women and Non-Binary Students.

Explore the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy, an immersive software engineering course for women and non-binary students