Our Mission
More Women in Tech.

The Grace Hopper Program is the first deferred tuition, immersive software engineering program designed specifically for women. We aim to empower women through cutting-edge technology education, high quality instruction, and individualized mentorship in the tech community to foster leadership and personal growth.

The Grace Hopper Program is a step toward improving diversity in tech with a mission that is two-fold: close the gender gap in engineering jobs and provide accessible education with a deferred payment tuition structure.

Named after pioneering computer scientist, Admiral Grace Hopper, we encourage the spirit of creativity, adventure and problem-solving in our students. We encourage not only women to join the tech community, but also advocate for a strong and welcoming environment for all under-represented groups in tech.

Admiral Hopper once said, "A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." Now there's nothing between you and an exciting career in technology.

Woman looking at computer focused Line

The percentage of women in software engineering roles

“A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.”

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

Women belong in software engineering positions and tech-leadership roles. To get there, we need to acknowledge the presence of the gender gap, and provide women with the quality education and skills necessary to participate in this industry.

Our commitment to this goal extends beyond graduation from our program. We want to create an ever-growing network of female programming professionals to mentor, inspire, and guide our students through the challenges of both coding and life as a woman in the workforce.

The Grace Hopper Program is just one of many courses, scholarships, and meetup groups doing good work to increase the participation of women in STEM professions. Join us in participating, creating and defining a more diverse technology industry.

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The Application

The admissions process at the Grace Hopper Program is designed to make sure you’re ready for the rigor and intensity of our academic program. Through an application, online assessment and in-person interview, we want to get a sense of your coding skills, background, and culture fit with the school.

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