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From Inspiration to Action.

From its inception in 2013, Fullstack Academy has been working tirelessly to provide students with a quality, engaging, and lasting programming education.

Beginning with the flagship, Full-Time Immersive Web-Development Program, the Fullstack has been helping future programmers acquire the skills necessary to make a swift and successful transition into a fulfilling career as a software engineer.

But Founders David Yang and Nimit Maru see coding in broader terms than most — it’s more than just a highly sought-after workplace skill. Programming is a rewarding hobby, an intellectual challenge, and a means of becoming a more rational, more productive thinker. It is a skill that everyone in the digital age should possess, regardless of profession or background.


Cohorts graduated from Fullstack Academy


Students graduated from the full-time and flex immersive.

Fullstack introduced JavaScript Jumpstart in October 2014, as an introductory class aiming to expose novice programmers to the complexity, functionality, and utility of JavaScript. Bootcamp Prep is a 4 week course that readies ambitious students for the rigor of an immersive coding education and admissions process.

2016 also welcomed the Remote Immersive program and a $500,000 scholarship fund to help students outside of campus cities (New York and Chicago) gain access to advanced web development education.

As part of a continued effort to include people from a variety of backgrounds, the Flex Immersive program was introduced in January 2015 with the goal of providing working professionals with the same high-caliber education as the flagship Full-Time Immersive program. The part-time, nights and weekends schedule, allows students to continue supporting themselves financially while working toward a monumental career transition.

In total, Fullstack Academy has graduated 24 cohorts of professional software engineers—over 500 students.

But of all the inclusive efforts Fullstack Education Group has made, none have been larger and more significant than the creation of The Grace Hopper Program. The disproportionately low number of women in the workforce has been a well documented trend over time, but nowhere can this pattern be seen so clearly as in the field of technology. Channeling Grace Hopper, the computer science pioneer, as a muse and namesake, The Grace Hopper Program faculty and students will strive to emulate her tenacity, ambition, and vitality. Fullstack Academy believes that the presence of this women only track will make a significant contribution toward progress and equality in tech.

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