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Why should I attend The Grace Hopper Program?

The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy provides the best environment to jumpstart a career in software development. We're the only East Coast coding immersive run exclusively for women. In a male-dominated industry, our students are mentored and supported by experienced women committed to coding and making tech more inclusive. From our continuously-updated curriculum to our personalized mentorship experience, you will be more than just a “coder” — you’ll be a full-fledged fullstack software engineer.

Additionally, our mentorship program has been developed with careful planning based on experience founding, building, and selling tech companies, as well as crafting a top-tier bootcamp experience at Fullstack Academy. We know what it takes to be a top-performer in tech, so we supplemented the technical curriculum with the soft skills and insider knowledge needed to succeed.

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What will I learn at The Grace Hopper Program?

Our curriculum is based on the most cutting-edge tools in the industry; however, we know that technologies and processes are constantly changing. Our aim is to make students experts in the timeless fundamental concepts that will stay with you throughout your career. For more information about the current technologies that we're teaching across the full stack, please see our curriculum modules.

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Who should apply?

There are many traits we look for in accepted students. We are looking for women* who are passionate about coding and have the drive to succeed in an immersive environment. Maybe you took a Computer Science class (or two) in college and couldn't shake the urge to learn more, or you built your own webpage from scratch and want to turn your passion into a career. And if you don't feel that your programming skills are up-to-par, we can provide learning resources to better prepare you for the coding assessment portion of our application.

*As an inclusive program looking to break barriers in tech, we define "women" as anyone female identifying -- including transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary.

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How does the program work?

All full-time and part-time Grace Hopper Program coding bootcamps follow a 3-phase live online course structure of foundations, junior phase, and senior phase. 

You’ll begin with our fully online Foundations course, which covers all the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Foundations typically requires 25+ hours of dedicated work per week. It includes learning materials, weekly assignments, and weekly one-on-one virtual office hours with a Grace Hopper Program instructor. 

From there, you’ll put your skills to the test in the junior phase. Instructor's lectures will give you a strong grasp of fundamental programming concepts and web development, and workshops will increase knowledge retention with hands-on practice. This first half of the Grace Hopper bootcamp starts with a heavier focus on personal and module-based learning, before transitioning into project and team-based learning in the final Senior phase.

In the Senior phase, students are connected with our career coaches, who work with you to optimize your network, LinkedIn profile, and resume as well as provide expert interview and negotiation training. You’ll also build hands-on, practical projects during this phase, which you can use to start building a professional software developer portfolio. In moving on to your career search, you’ll still be able to access career coaching services, course material, and your coursework for a full year post-graduation to help you get hired.

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When does the next class start?

For upcoming cohort dates, please visit our admissions page. However, we recommend applying at least 7-9 weeks before the on-campus start-date of your desired cohort. This allows us 2-3 weeks to conduct the application process and accounts for the mandatory, 5-week remote pre-course. Admissions are rolling and spots are limited.

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How does the application process work?

We accept candidates on a rolling basis. You can apply at anytime for any future cohort. After you apply, we will contact you to complete an online coding assessment, followed by a virtual interview with one of our developers. We try our best to let candidates know their status within one week of each interview phase.

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What job search support is provided?

The first way we help students get jobs is by teaching an advanced, relevant curriculum that is constantly updated based on current tech trends. Beyond that, we have several measures to make sure you get a great job after our program. We'll host Launch Day, an event where employers will see the projects you've been working on, and you can connect one-on-one with target companies you're interested in.

Additionally, our network of tech-entrepreneurs and startup leaders are more than willing to meet with graduates looking for their next career move. We have a dedicated placement team who will help improve your resume and online presence, prep for interviews, and connect with the right person inside companies you're interested in applying to.

We will work with you long after graduation to make sure you stay sharp and succeed in getting your dream job. This includes mock interview practice, additional projects, and open lines of communication with us about your job search and career. You'll also join our large, growing network of Fullstack Education Group alumni in NYC and San Francisco.

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Does GHP offer courses for beginners?

Our immersive course is not designed for pure beginners. Students need to demonstrate proficiency in programming during admissions, to be ready for the curriculum taught in the program. If you're just starting out with coding, check out our JavaScript 101 workshop (in-person or online) and Bootcamp Prep courses.

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How does this compare to online resources?

There are a number of great online learning-resources available, and we encourage you to explore them. It's a great way to sample your own interest in programming, by completing on online tutorial. Self-driven learning can be difficult: if you become stuck, you lose momentum, you don’t establish a consistent regimen.

If you've done Codecademy, Code School, or TeamTreehouse and are looking to take your programming career to the next level, apply to GHP!

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What do I need for class?

All students must have their own personal laptop or desktop to participate in the program. You may use Mac or Windows, but please note that our curriculum works seamlessly with OS X and Linux (not Windows directly). Those who cannot use a Mac will also need to install and learn to use Linux on their hardware of choice.

The Apple M1 processor is supported for the Grace Hopper Program.

Ideally, students will have a Mac setup with at least 8GB of RAM and a quad-core processor, but it is possible to complete the program with a lower spec computer. We also recommend having a peaceful workspace, a weekly allowance of 15+ hours for independent study, and an open, positive mindset to get started.

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I'm a journalist interested in writing about The Grace Hopper Program. How do I get in touch?

All press and speaking inquiries can be emailed to press@gracehopper.com

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Where is The Grace Hopper Program Located?

We are based in one of the greatest cities on earth - New York City! NYC is in the midst of a giant tech boom and is an amazing place to spend 3 months learning. With a thriving tech community and many companies, large and small growing their engineering teams here, it's an exciting environment to become part of.

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Where can I ask more questions?

We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about GHP. Reach out to us: hello@gracehopper.com

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What is the Bootcamp Prep refund policy?

Q: What are the requirements to receive a full refund?

A: The only requirement is to complete at least 90% of your live Bootcamp Prep program.

Q: How many classes do I have to attend to get a refund?

A: 90% course completion translates to the following attendance policies:

  • Bootcamp Prep in a Month: Must be present for 12 of 14 class meetings in order to receive a refund
  • Bootcamp Prep in a Week: Must be present for 7 of 8 class meetings in order to receive a refund

Q: How is attendance recorded?

A: You will be prompted during each class meeting to record your attendance in our learning management system. You may mark yourself present at any time before the end of each class meeting, or if you forget, ask your instructor to do so on your behalf once class has adjourned.

Q: What happens if I forget to record my attendance?

A: If you fail to either record your own attendance or ask that your instructor do so on your behalf on the day of that class meeting, you will be marked absent. Please note that no partial absences will be accounted for. You will either mark yourself or be marked present, or you will be marked absent.

Q: If I get ill during the course and have to miss classes, will I still get a refund?

A: This attendance policy applies to all absences, even medical or family emergencies. If you become aware that you will need--due to illness, travel, or other extenuating circumstances--to miss more than the allotted class meetings, we will be happy to transfer you to a later cohort and refund your money once you’ve completed 90% of that cohort.

Q: When will I receive the refund?

A: You’ll receive your refund, including any processing fees, within 30 days of the course’s end.

Q: Does this refund apply to Bootcamp Prep Online?

A: No, this refund does not apply to Bootcamp Prep Online and is only applicable to our Bootcamp Prep Live classes (in a Month and in a Week).

Q: Can I be refunded for more than one prep course?

A: We will refund only the first Bootcamp Prep Live course (on-campus or remote, month-long or week-long) of which you complete 90%.

Q: How can I ask more questions?

A: Please direct any remaining questions to events@fullstackacademy.com.

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Are there any scholarships available?

The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy is now offering the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship - a coding bootcamp scholarship sponsored by Lesbians Who Tech with the aim of helping LGBTQ and trans women, plus non-binary folks, jumpstart their careers in tech.

Anyone interested should apply for the scholarship at https://lesbianswhotech.org/codingscholarship/ to be considered.

Applicants select their coding bootcamp of choice on the scholarship application and if they are awarded the scholarship, Lesbians Who Tech will pay 50% of the tuition for that bootcamp. Applicants should apply to their bootcamp of choice prior to submitting the scholarship application at the website listed above. The scholarship can be used towards any Fullstack Academy immersive bootcamp program, including the Grace Hopper Program.

Some additional information about the scholarship: Edie Windsor, who passed away in 2017, was a long-time LGBTQ rights activist and--as a manager at IBM--was a great role model for women in tech. As the lead plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case United States v. Windsor, she is most widely known for her role in overturning DOMA (the “Defense of Marriage Act”) in 2013. In that ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court held that defining marriage as a union solely between couples of opposite sexes was unconstitutional, paving the way for the legalization of gay marriage in the United States.

Please note that Lesbians Who Tech has partnerships with many coding bootcamps--not just with Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper--and scholarship applicants simply indicate their bootcamp of choice on their application.

Lesbians Who Tech makes it clear applicants are more likely to be awarded the scholarship if they are applying to one of LWT’s partner schools, but they will award it to people applying to non-partner schools if those folks apply early enough for LWT to work everything out with the non-partner school.

Applicants who have additional questions can reach out via email at hello@gracehopper.com.

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