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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In short, we’re looking for nonbinary and women coders committed to rapidly building their JavaScript coding skills in a bootcamp environment. The Grace Hopper Program Web Development Immersive curriculum starts at a foundational stage to accommodate all coding skill levels, but moves into more advanced concepts at an accelerated pace.

    Additionally, prospective students should embody the characteristics that our Grace Hopper Program community is known for–most notably, drive, transparency, and allyship.

    Please note that we define “women” as all women (cis and trans) and “nonbinary” as non-cisgender. We strive to maintain inclusivity in our mission to create a space for underserved and underrepresented individuals in tech, and are always looking to improve. Email us at if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

  • The Grace Hopper Program Web Development Bootcamp is designed to support women and nonbinary students to help bridge the gender gap in technology. With an emphasis on practical JavaScript skill-building, individualized support, and a culture of transparency, we provide the education you need to launch your ideal tech career.

    Mirroring the curriculum of the Fullstack Academy Web Development Immersive, students in the Grace Hopper Program are differentiated (not defined) by a gender-allied learning experience.

    We believe this experience - along with the community that fosters it - plays a vital role in overcoming imposter syndrome, closing opportunity gaps, and increasing representation in tech to power a better future. Learn more about our impressive student outcomes, commitment to transparency, or application process to get started.

  • Our curriculum teaches full stack JavaScript. Widely considered the future of software development, the JavaScript language powers 97.6% of all websites (W3Techs).

    We’ve learned through our many years of experience in tech education that full-stack JavaScript is the best way to learn how to code in general. Modern web development requires being mindful of the different parts of the stack at the same time. As a student, this can be challenging enough without also having to learn a range of programming languages (e.g. Ruby & SQL). Full stack JavaScript eliminates the need to learn and switch between several programming languages, since every piece of the stack uses one language.

    As an added benefit, JavaScript offers more career advantages over other languages because it’s simply the most widely used. While other coding schools may teach Ruby on Rails, graduates of the Grace Hopper Program have a more in-demand skill set that separates them from the competition.

  • All Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program coding bootcamps follow a 3-phase live online course structure of Foundations, Junior Phase, and Senior Phase.

    The live online, instructor-facilitated Full-Time Foundations phase is designed to meet the needs of beginners as well as intermediate-level coders looking to rapidly ramp up their skills in a bootcamp environment. For 6 weeks, you’ll study full-time (Monday-Friday) with other coders to prepare for the core curriculum of our Web Development Immersive.

    From there, you’ll put your skills to the test in the Junior phase. Live online instruction and demos will give you a strong grasp of fundamental programming concepts and web development–while regular coding sessions increase knowledge retention with hands-on practice. This phase of the Grace Hopper bootcamp starts with a heavier focus on personal and module-based learning, before transitioning into project and team-based learning in the final Senior phase.

    In the Senior phase, students are connected with our career coaches, who work with you to optimize your network, LinkedIn profile, and resume as well as provide expert interview and negotiation training. Career coaches are experienced in hiring and recruitment processes of all kinds–especially those unique to the tech industry. Their specialized support helps you anticipate every step, so you can focus on demonstrating your full potential.

    You’ll also build projects and prototypes during this phase, which you can use to start building a professional web developer portfolio.

    In moving on to your career search, you’ll retain access to career coaching services - including career success training materials and coding coursework - for a full year following graduation to help you get hired.

  • For upcoming cohort dates, please visit our program page. Admissions are rolling and spots are limited, so we recommend applying at least 7-9 weeks before the start date of your desired cohort. This allows us 2-3 weeks to conduct the application process and accounts for the mandatory, 4-week remote foundations course.

  • We accept candidates on a rolling basis. You can apply at any time for any listed future cohort. After you apply, we will contact you to complete an online, no-risk coding assessment to help quantify your starting skill level. We then notify candidates of their status in as few as 1-3 business days.

  • Fullstack Academy and the Grace Hopper Program are not currently able to accept tuition assistance payments from the new GI Bill (though we’re working hard on changing this!). However, veterans do automatically qualify for our $1,000 scholarship, and additional tuition assistance may be acquired through VET TEC or VRRAP.

    Contact your local VA office for details, then visit our friends at Operation Code to learn more about veteran tech training efforts and how you can support the cause.

  • Throughout the Grace Hopper Program, students will gain valuable insight into how to secure meaningful, lucrative employment. We combine a career-oriented curriculum with experience-informed career coaching to support your professional success as a developer. You’ll receive guidance in:

    • Growing your professional network

    • Optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile

    • Acing interviews and assessments

    • Negotiating your salary

    • Combatting imposter syndrome

    • Navigating company culture fit

    With full transparency around challenges disproportionally faced by women and gender nonconforming professionals in tech, our instructors and career coaches are focused on helping you achieve your idea of success.

  • Yes! The Grace Hopper Program Web Development Bootcamp curriculum starts at a foundational, beginner-friendly level. However, the program is inclusively designed to serve students at all skill levels–and moves through concepts at an accelerated pace. Beginners and intermediate coders alike should therefore demonstrate bootcamp learning readiness - rather than coding prowess - during the admissions process to be considered.

  • There are a great number of online resources available and we encourage you to try them. Particularly for beginners, tools like Codecademy, Code School, and Team Treehouse can help you learn and practice in-demand coding concepts.

    At the Grace Hopper Program, learning and practicing coding concepts are only part of the equation. Our bootcamps are built around ensuring students have everything they need to build a thriving career–all within an accelerated, supportive, and career-focused environment for learning.

    Learn more about the Grace Hopper Program difference.

  • All students must have their own personal laptop or desktop to participate in the program. You may use Mac or Windows, but please note that our curriculum works seamlessly with OS X and Linux (not Windows directly). Those who cannot use a Mac will also need to install and learn to use Linux on their hardware of choice.

    The Apple M1 and M2 processors are supported for the Grace Hopper Program.

    Ideally, students will have a Mac setup with at least 8GB of RAM and a quad-core processor, but it is possible to complete the program with a lower spec computer. We also recommend having a peaceful workspace, a weekly allowance of 15+ hours for independent study, and an open, positive mindset to get started.

    Learn more about our tech specifications.

  • Our organization is based in one of the greatest cities on earth - New York City! However, all bootcamps offered by Fullstack Academy and the Grace Hopper Program are held in a live online format.

    As part of our commitment to delivering a high-quality student experience as well as considerations resulting from Covid-19, we aim to meet the moment with a bootcamp format that’s more practical, versatile, and accessible to students nationwide.

    Learn more about our live online student experience.

  • We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about the Grace Hopper Program. Reach out to us:

  • Browse our Bootcamp Prep page to learn more and enroll in the course.

  • The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy is proud to offer the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship - a coding bootcamp scholarship sponsored by Lesbians Who Tech with the aim of helping LGBTQ+ women and nonbinary individuals jumpstart their careers in tech.

    Interested candidates can apply for the scholarship at to be considered.

    Applicants select their coding bootcamp of choice on the scholarship application and--if they are awarded the scholarship--Lesbians Who Tech will pay 50% of the tuition for that bootcamp. Applicants should apply to their bootcamp of choice prior to submitting the scholarship application at the website listed above. The scholarship can be used towards the Fullstack Academy coding bootcamps (Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive and Part-Time Flex Software Engineering Immersive), and the Grace Hopper Program.

    Please note that Lesbians Who Tech has partnerships with many coding bootcamps--not just with Fullstack Academy and the Grace Hopper Program--and scholarship applicants simply indicate their bootcamp of choice on their application.

    Applicants who have additional questions can contact us at

  • All press and speaking inquiries can be emailed to