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The Newly Transformed Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy
Grace Hopper Program

Meeting the Moment: The Grace Hopper Program’s Refreshed Brand Identity

The Grace Hopper Program is dedicated to empowering individuals like yourself to achieve career success in tech while also redefining the industry. This is why we are excited to share some changes Grace Hopper has undergone recently!
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Grace Hopper the person the programmer the pioneer
Women in Tech

Grace Hopper: the Person, Programmer, and Pioneer

As a computer programming icon and the namesake of our immersive coding bootcamp for women and non-binary students, Grace Hopper is a name you’ll hear on a regular basis at Fullstack Academy.
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Woman typing for assessment 5aeei
How Fullstack Works

How to Pass the Fullstack Academy Admissions Assessment

Fullstack alum Kaitlyn Martinez walks you through the admissions assessment step by step to set you up for success.
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4 student projects that make voter info more accessible df95i
Coding Bootcamp Student Projects

4 Student Programming Projects That Make Voter Info More Accessible

Fullstack students use their in-demand programming skills to impact their communities. These student projects aim to increase voter registration and turnout.
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Woman working at desk 7fe1i
Women in Tech

Our Official Guide to the 2020 Grace Hopper Celebration

From must-watch speakers like Megan Rapinoe and Serena Williams to networking events and more, here’s our guide to making the most of the 2020 Grace Hopper Celebration.
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Alums vs alumni 0415i
Mission Driven

Alums or Alumni? Fullstack’s Commitment to Using Inclusive Language in the Classroom and Beyond

We turned to our grads to help us decide the best way to refer to students who have finished their Fullstack education.
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