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Preparation Materials
Get up to speed for Grace Hopper Admissions

We've outlined some study materials below to help you succeed during your Coding Assessment and Technical Interviews. The coding assessment has problems similar to Easy and Medium ones on Codewars, so we recommend practicing those as a way to judge your readiness!

Intro to Coding

If you consider yourself close to a beginner at coding, then we recommend completing our Intro to Coding course. This free, online course is designed for total beginners and includes 15 hours of video instruction, challenges & more. Once you complete it, you'll have a good understanding of the fundamentals of HTML, CSS & Javascript.

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Codewars: Practice Problems

Codewars is an excellent resource to test your skills. Completing several "Easy" (8 kyu) and early "Medium" (7-6 kyu) problems is good practice for the assessment. If you have trouble with the easy problems, consider taking one of our preparation courses, but if you can make it through most of the medium problems, you're probably ready to take the coding assessment.

Sample Easy Problems Sample Medium Problems
Preparation Classes

If you are coming from a more beginner background, you may find attending a prep course useful. Check out the classes below taught at our partner school Fullstack Academy. If you want to take Bootcamp Prep and are already in the admissions process, we will put your application on hold while you take the course.

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Eloquent JavaScript

Please review chapters 1-4 from Marijn Haverbeke's incredible programming book, Eloquent Javascript. It’s one of the best introductions to programming there is.

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