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Grace Hopper Program Reviews

Grace Hopper Program graduates go on to secure rewarding, lucrative tech jobs at organizations of all kinds. Browse their impressive outcomes.

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Real Results: Our Student Stories

Our students gain the skills and confidence they need to thrive in the tech industry.

Allie Polubiec

A former technical writer, Alexandra initially enrolled in the Grace Hopper Program’s first-ever cohort to increase her hireability in the field with coding skills. Her student experience working with other developers encouraged her to pursue software engineering roles instead. Upon graduation, she became our first graduate to be hired by social media giant, Meta, as a front-end developer.

ALEXANDRA POLUBIEC, Front-End Developer, Meta

As an award-winning musician and founder of the world’s first Juice Crawl, it may be surprising to know that Anna Garcia is also a Software Engineer at Beyond Identity. She maintains that these skills are all related, though, as each role involves a certain artistry. Learn more about the Juice Crawl when you visit (just one of) Anna's websites!

ANNA GARCIA, Software Engineer, Beyond Identity

Anna Garcia
Ashley Riccardi

Currently a Software Engineer of Games at the New York Times, Ashley leveraged her Grace Hopper Program experience (as both a student and teaching fellow) alongside her professional skills to land the role. With a background in the study of classics and former roles in sales and food service, she’s the perfect example of a well-rounded tech professional.

ASHLEY RICCARDI, Software Engineer of Games, The New York Times

Currently a UX Engineer, Johanna worked for several years as a medical assistant before learning to code–with the end goal of becoming a professional developer. After enrolling in Bootcamp Prep and eventually attending the Grace Hopper coding bootcamp, she reached her goal by earning a developer position at Google. Now, she continues to grow with Google as a UX Engineer.

JOHANNA PEREZ, UX Engineer, Google

Johanna Perez
Peggy Rayzis

Peggy started her career transition process with a history degree and zero coding experience. To qualify for the Grace Hopper Program, she used self-led tools like Codecademy and Treehouse, and then thrived during the practical application projects. She landed her first developer role with Major League Soccer and is now the Senior Director of Developer Experience at Apollo GraphQL.

PEGGY RAYZIS, Sr. Director of Developer Experience, Apollo GraphQL

As a career transitioner, Terry sparked her love of code through online tools. She distinguished herself during the program with her clean yet complex design and engineering styles–which helped earn her a position as a Grace Hopper teaching fellow. Now, she’s the Director of Engineering - Analytics at MikMak, a leading global eCommerce acceleration platform for multichannel brands.

TERRY HOROWITZ, Director of Engineering - Analytics, MikMak

Terry Horowitz

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The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy gives women and non-binary students the skills and support to land a life-changing job in tech—plus the confidence to turn it into a thriving career.

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