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Building a VR classroom experience for Google Daydream headsets

By Mark Davis

Transcend 0b4ci

In a recent blog post, I lamented the fact that nothing like this existed:

A simple VR environment where up to 25 avatars can interact with each other,
with real-time voice chat, 
that's accessible on a Google Daydream headset as an MVP, 
but is also extensible to any WebVR enabled headset

If only something like this existed, we could use it with students in our online campus!

So I was thrilled to see that one of the teams in 1610 Remote took the challenge to build something like this. They built an app called Transcend VR, which is a VR classroom experience that works on Daydream headsets. See it in action below, as the team debuts it during Demo Day:

You can see their repo here.

Great job Team Transcend!