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Meeting the Moment: The Grace Hopper Program’s Refreshed Brand Identity

By The Grace Hopper Program Team

The Newly Transformed Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy

As we further our mission at the Grace Hopper Program to help close the gender gap in tech, we’ve learned that a gender-allied student experience is often vital to overcoming imposter syndrome, closing opportunity gaps, and increasing representation in tech.

“From the very beginning, Fullstack Academy’s mission has been to transform lives and communities by teaching technologies that power the future.” says Jerrad Tausz, CEO of Fullstack Academy, “That’s especially apparent within our Grace Hopper Program community, so we wanted to reflect that in a powerful way.”

The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy is a trusted trailblazer in tech education for women and nonbinary students. Its legacy of impressive outcomes, unbeatable student experiences, and thoughtful, expert instruction is reflected in the community that supports it.

Now, we’re unveiling refreshed branding to better represent this legacy—as well as look to the future. Read on to learn more about the newly transformed Grace Hopper Program!

What's New?

Program Offerings

New Part-Time Coding Bootcamp

You asked, we answered: enrollment is now officially open for the first-ever Grace Hopper Program part-time coding bootcamp cohort! The Part-Time Software Engineering Immersive includes the same award-winning coding curriculum developed by Fullstack Academy, delivered over 28 weeks of nights-and-weekends study.

Learn more about part-time coding bootcamp options for women and nonbinary students on our programs page.

Brand Identity

Our refreshed Grace Hopper Program brand is modern, bright, and subtly powerful. It honors the program’s established student experiences and outcomes—plus the drive and determination that characterizes our community.

GH Student Focus


The new Grace Hopper Program logo represents the supportive and gender-allied learning environment the Grace Hopper Program provides—as well as its modern, up-to-date Fullstack Academy coding curricula.

GH Full Lockup Chalk

Color Palette

The addition of the color “Chalk” is a nod to the program’s namesake (computer programming pioneer Grace Murray Hopper) and her dedication to teaching and mentorship. It’s paired with the Fullstack Academy shared brand colors of Terminal and Code.

Grace Hopper Color Palette


As a key information source for students, we wanted our website to accurately represent everything the Grace Hopper Program has to offer.

Grace hopper responsive

Our updated imagery is a celebration of what makes the Grace Hopper Program special: our dynamic and supportive community of women and nonbinary coders.


Our refreshed content across all assets aims to balance branded storytelling alongside UX best practices for ease of understanding. We also thoughtfully chose new brand pillars to align with the Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program student experience and illustrated pertinent information more clearly and concisely.

Why Now?

We often hear about the Great Resignation of professionals leaving their jobs to pursue other employment. We also know this is due to the pursuit of remote options, higher salaries, different hours, or a different field altogether.

What’s not always included in this conversation is the disproportionately higher number of women and nonbinary professionals seeking alternative employment—or quitting their jobs entirely—to balance other life commitments in recent years.

Additionally, the gender gap in tech professionals has proven to be quite enduring. According to the American Enterprise Institute, women hold only 24% of computer programming jobs–a percentage virtually unchanged since 2015. In fact, this discrepancy can be traced back as far as 1984, when the amount of women pursuing computer science degrees abruptly decreased by 13%.

Experts have uncovered many reasons for this decline over the years that range from simple marketing strategies to actively hostile work environments, but they all seem to stem from the false narrative that women are somehow unfit for the industry.

At the Grace Hopper Program, it’s clear to us that the tech industry still has a long way to go toward equity and inclusion. But that’s also why we believe now is the time to create opportunities for women and nonbinary coders at the individual level with comprehensive, in-demand tech career training in a supportive environment.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our mission to help our students to achieve success in tech while also redefining the industry. Explore the Grace Hopper Program or apply to an upcoming cohort today.