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    Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Bootcamp Students

    By the Fullstack Academy Tem

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    The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start making your wishlist and a gift shopping list for your friends and family. If you are a tech bootcamp student or have one in your life, you may be wondering what to ask for or gift this year. From the latest technology and productivity tools to tickets to exciting industry events, there are a variety of great gift ideas to choose from.

    To help take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift, we’ve curated a list of products and experiences that can boost productivity, promote learning, and assist you or your loved ones on the path to becoming a tech professional. Read this tech bootcamp gift guide to find the perfect present for you or the tech bootcamp student in your life.

    Best Gifts for Tech Bootcamp Students

    The best gifts for tech bootcamp students are ones that boost productivity and support career aspirations. Here are a few gift ideas that tech bootcamp students are sure to love.

    1. Tech Essentials for Bootcamp Students

    No matter where a bootcamp student is in their tech learning journey, having the right tools and devices can make all the difference. While each bootcamp has its own computer requirements, below are some must-have tech essentials that will empower bootcamp students and help them thrive in bootcamp and beyond.

    External Monitors

    During bootcamp, students understandably spend a lot of time at their computer—especially if attending classes online. With an additional screen, students can expand their workspace and enhance their ability to multitask.

    Noise-Canceling Headphones

    If you or a bootcamp student you know often studies at home or in crowded areas, noise-canceling headphones can aid in minimizing distractions and help them focus.

    External Hard Drive

    During bootcamp, students work on a variety of hands-on projects that they can use to showcase their skills to potential employers. An external hard drive will allow them to back up their work and ensure it doesn’t get lost or permanently deleted.

    2. Productivity Boosters for Tech Bootcamp Students

    Juggling bootcamp, work, and other life commitments is often one of the most common challenges for tech bootcamp students. In order to be successful in bootcamp, it’s important to have tools that enhance productivity and help maintain focus. Here are a few gifts that will position tech bootcamp students for success.

    Time Tracking Tools

    In order to successfully manage bootcamp, work, and their personal lives, students need to become efficient at time management. To help them become masters of time, gift them premium subscriptions to time-tracking tools like Toggl or Everhour.


    If you or the bootcamp student you know prefers a more traditional method of scheduling and time-tracking, buy a paper planner. It will help keep track of work schedules, class times, assignments, and other commitments all in one place.

    Comfortable Furniture

    Comfort is key to productivity. On average, full-time bootcamp students should expect to spend at least 40 hours in class per week plus additional time studying. With so much time spent on bootcamp, investing in comfortable furniture is essential. To help maximize comfort, consider gifting or adding an ergonomic office chair, standing desk, or footrest to your wishlist.

    3. Gifts to Level Up Tech Careers

    Once a bootcamp student graduates, they’ll be ready to launch a tech career in many fast-growing industries. A career-centered gift, such as what is listed below, can help start a tech career on the right note.

    LinkedIn Premium Subscription

    Finding the perfect role can be challenging without the right tools and support. By gifting (or asking for) a LinkedIn Premium subscription, you’ll help set yourself or your loved ones up for success with applicant insights, interview prep tools, and job recommendations.

    Industry Certification Exams

    For aspiring tech professionals, earning an industry-recognized certification can help bolster their resume and stand out to potential employers. This holiday season put this on your wishlist or give a gift of credentials by helping someone pay for industry certification exams.

    Tickets to Industry Events

    Developing skills and earning credentials are just one part of the equation for a successful tech career. One of the most critical aspects of any career transition is networking. To ensure you’re making valuable connections, or to help the aspiring tech professional in your life make them, put tickets to industry events at the top of your list.

    Coding Challenges and Hackathons

    In order to thrive in the tech industry, bootcamp students need to gain hands-on experience. While bootcamp provides ample opportunities to practice skills, and keep skills sharp by asking for or gifting coding challenges and hackathons this year.

    Empower The Tech Bootcamp Journey With the Perfect Holiday Gift

    While the products in this tech bootcamp gift guide will undoubtedly enhance someone’s tech learning journey, don’t forget the most important gift you can give or receive: support. Making a career change is no easy feat, as bootcamps are known to be rigorous. To ensure a smoother transition, offer or seek encouragement, understanding, and patience as you or the bootcamp student in your life navigates this new chapter.

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