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Press Releases

Fullstack Academy Launches World’s First Tuition-Deferred Coding School for Women

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fullstack Academy, one of the top immersive coding schools in the world, announces the launch of Grace Hopper Academy. Named after computer science pioneer Grace Hopper, the new all-women’s school seeks to battle the tech industry’s gender gap through high-quality education and a need-blind tuition policy. While many coding schools typically charge $10,000 - $20,000+ in tuition, Grace Hopper Academy offers students a risk-free opportunity with no upfront cost—tuition payment is not due until ###i a student secures a job post-graduation, and it is paid over one year’s time.<>

Having pioneered a rapid-learning model that focuses on both educational and employment outcomes, Fullstack Academy takes a data-driven approach to education and boasts a 97% hiring rate for graduates. Grace Hopper Academy will leverage the already successful curriculum, educational structure and hiring network that drive Fullstack’s high-quality outcomes.

Fullstack Academy co-founders and programming experts David Yang and Nimit Maru first began honing their hands-on approach to teaching and programming as software engineers at Yahoo!, and later in senior engineering roles at Gilt Groupe and Bloomspot. They originally founded Fullstack out of the prestigious startup accelerator Y Combinator.

“Technology has become intrinsic in our daily routines, regardless of gender, but the tech industry remains exceedingly male-dominated,” says Yang. “We have always been inspired by innovation and it seems peculiar that an industry revolutionized by a pioneer like Grace Hopper would remain so divided along gender lines.” Maru adds: “Our passion has always been in mentorship and teaching students to apply coding in fun and innovative ways, and that drive is why we decided to expand Fullstack’s Education Network and enlist the help of some of the smartest women in the industry to launch Grace Hopper Academy.”

Shanna Gregory will lead Grace Hopper Academy as the school’s Dean, bringing years of experience in the coding education industry. She will oversee all operations and partnerships, and will lead the academy in results-driven education for women.

“I’ve seen firsthand how the right education can transform someone’s career and reshape their life,” says Gregory, “Women are underrepresented in the tech sector, and they are in no way less qualified than their male counterparts. At Grace Hopper Academy we’re creating a supportive environment for women interested in becoming software engineers, with a tuition model that makes the opportunity accessible to everyone.”

Follow Grace Hopper Academy on Twitter and Instagram: @HopperAcademy and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/GraceHopperAcademy.

For more information on Fullstack Academy, visit http://www.fullstackacademy.com.

About Grace Hopper Academy:

Grace Hopper Academy is the world’s first immersive coding school for women where students only pay tuition after securing a job. Our mission is to close the gender gap in technology through high-quality education, mentorship, and need-blind admissions. With a proven curriculum and educational program leveraged from partner school Fullstack Academy, Grace Hopper Academy offers an open environment for women to learn software development and become professional engineers.

About Fullstack Academy:

Fullstack Academy is an award-winning, immersive coding school based in New York City. With a project-based educational structure and advanced curriculum centered on cutting edge technologies, Fullstack maintains a 97% hiring rate for graduates. Alumni work at leading technology companies including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and Venmo, as well as many large corporations and growth-stage startups.


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