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Grace Hopper Program
Student Outcomes

The Grace Hopper Program is an outcome focused coding school. With a deferred tuition model, students only owe tuition once they are hired as software developers. This means we're completely committed to our students' professional success.

Grace Hopper alumnae secure amazing jobs at companies large and small. These stories reveal some of the typical paths through The Grace Hopper Program and the job search afterwards. Our priority is to ensure every student finds rewarding employment. Learn about how graduates fared on campus and after graduating.

  • Alexandra Polubiec

    Alexandra’s Story:

    Alexandra was trained in the theater, and started learning HTML/CSS as a way increase her professional value as a professional writer after college. This would, however, spark an interest that would encourage her to learn Python, JavaScript, and other higher level languages. Her technical writing career was taking off, but she wanted to be writing code, not just documenting it. This lead her to The Grace Hopper Program’s inaugural cohort and the beginning of her software engineering career.

    While at Grace Hopper, Alexandra was in a great position to succeed. She’d already been exposed to scripting languages, and therefore knew that she could make it through the bumps that come with any learning journey. She created some incredibly impressive projects while a student, and even managed to talk with SwitchUp mid-journey to talk about how things were going! A curious and driven student, her tech talk and final project were valuable contributions to a standout portfolio.

    After graduation, Alexandra returned home to the Bay Area and dove into the job search head-on. The hard work paid off perfectly, as she became the first Grace Hopper graduate to secure a job as a front-end developer at tech-giant, Facebook!

  • Peggy Rayzis

    Peggy’s Story:

    Peggy is a career transitioner. As a History major from a selective university, she was well-educated, but her professional opportunities were limited. She worked in retail as an assistant buyer, but desired more prospects. In order to gain admission to The Grace Hopper Program, Peggy used resources like Codecademy.com and Treehouse.com’s free trial to master if-else statements, loops, and function creation.

    Peggy’s intellectual curiosity and collegiate desire to be challenged academically helped her complete Grace Hopper’s 13-week on-campus portion. While at GHP’s Financial District campus, she often went beyond the curriculum to create helpful web apps and give interesting talks.

    Peggy became one of the first in her cohort to receive a job offer (from a hiring day interview no less!), and she soon signed with GHP hiring partner, Major League Soccer. Learn more about her experience through her review on Course Report.

  • Jisoo Shin

    Jisoo’s Story:

    Jisoo excelled at analytical and quantitative subjects in school, and decided to pursue a career in accounting for the stability it offers. But a few years into the daily grind, she wanted a more exciting career path. (An interesting anecdote, Jisoo first heard about The Grace Hopper Program during a job interview for a job in accounting.)

    Using free online tutorials, Fullstack’s JavaScript Jumpstart course, and practice with coding challenges, Jisoo joined The Grace Hopper Program’s inaugural cohort. Her focus and logic were key to success on-campus. She built an impressive portfolio of projects, and she was able to secure an engineering role with hiring partner, Stack Overflow after graduation.

    For more on Jisoo's experience, read her review of GHP on Course report.

  • Ashley Hartt

    Ashley’s Story:

    Ashley worked hard to become a skilled, versatile developer after obtaining a BA/MPA in community health/public affairs at Brown University. She used a variety of online resources and was comfortable using multiple languages to build her projects. What she lacked however, was a community of intelligent, amicable programming peers to really launch her tech career.

    While attending The Grace Hopper Program, she found just that, and was able to build amazing projects with equally motivated classmates.

    In the end, it was her academic drive and passion, coupled with the rigorous Grace Hopper curriculum, that landed her a job at The Atlantic as a software engineer.

  • Terry Horowitz

    Terry’s Story:

    Terry was academically active while in college, tutoring scientific writing and spending her entire senior year writing a thesis. However, professional exploration lead her first to an organic farmstay in Hawaii, and then back to NYC as a restaurant manager.

    Seeking more challenging work, she prepared for Grace Hopper’s admissions process by practicing coding challenges online and using free learning resources like codecademy.com. Her individual and team projects while on-campus speak for themselves—they’re aesthetically pleasing and logically complex. Terry even had time to speak with course report while a student, and make outstanding contributions to her individual and team projects.

    Terry was selected to serve as a mentor and Teaching Fellow at The Grace Hopper Program before accepting an engineering role at American Express.

  • Mariya Bogorodova

    Mariya’s Story:

    After excelling in STEM courses at a competitive high school, NYC native Mariya decided to go the humanities route at Cornell, while honing her programming skills to improve efficiency and usability of campus-wide programs’ websites and apps.

    Her decision to attend Grace Hopper was largely influenced by her feminism and gender-studies curriculum in college, and as a result of the program, she now contributes code to a worthy cause through her engineering position at GHP hiring day partner, Crisis Text Line.

    She’s written about her time at The Grace Hopper Program and sat for interviews with Course Report. Feel free to learn more about Mariya and her journey to a tech career!

  • Anna Garcia

    Anna’s Story:

    Anna has her Masters in Music and played trumpet professionally for several years after college. An entrepreneur at heart, she also started her own company, learned a lot about digital marketing and web design, and fell in love with learning to code for this project. Three days before graduating The Grace Hopper Program, Anna conducted a speed-interview with American Express at our “Hiring Day” event. Impressed by her projects and resume, they invited her to subsequent on-site interviews and hired her shortly after!

  • Ashley Riccardi

    Ashley’s Story:

    Ashley attended our second Grace Hopper cohort and, after a competitive application process, was selected to stay an additional 3 months as part of the Teaching Fellowship program. She entered the program with web development experience -- having worked for a design firm right after college (Classics major with a minor in CS at Wellesley). Following her time at Grace Hopper, Ashley interviewed at the New York Times and now works as a Web Engineer on the “Games” team. You can view her final project from Grace Hopper here: http://www.gracehopper.com/stu...

  • Johanna Perez

    Johanna’s Story:

    After a few years working in the medical field as a patient facilitator, Johanna began taking part-time coding courses with the end goal of becoming a professional developer. With her eye set on admission to The Grace Hopper program, Johanna took the Bootcamp Prep course offered by Fullstack Academy to become more comfortable with coding challenges and technical interviews prior to applying. All the motivated work eventually paid off… After Bootcamp Prep she attended Grace Hopper and she’s currently working as a contract developer at Google!