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Deferred Tuition Train now. Pay later.

The Grace Hopper Program operates on what’s known as a deferred-tuition model, which means that instead of paying full tuition up front, you pay tuition only once you’ve found full-time work in software engineering, and a deposit is all that’s required at the time of enrollment.

We’re so confident in our program that if you don’t find a job within one year of graduation, you don’t owe us a dime. It’s the lowest-risk educational model you’ll find--for the greatest potential reward.

Why deferred tuition? Because inclusivity & diversity matter.

The tech industry should be open to women of all economic backgrounds, and we at Grace Hopper Program are working to make that a reality—starting with our own software immersive.

Our deferred-tuition model eliminates the high upfront costs that often keep talented women and other under-represented groups in tech from participating. We advocate for the inclusion of all such groups, and offer a strong and welcoming environment for women of all backgrounds, trans women, and non-gender-conforming individuals.

How does it work? We succeed when you do.

By collecting your tuition only once you secure full-time work in software engineering, we are aligning our success with yours: If you don’t get a job, we don’t get paid. In this way, we share both the risk and the reward of your career success.

Deposit: $3,000

Upon acceptance to Grace Hopper Program, you submit a deposit to confirm your enrollment. This amount is applied toward your total tuition.

Deferred Tuition: $16,910

Your deferred tuition is the remaining tuition you owe after paying your deposit. This amount is paid in nine monthly installments once you’ve secured full-time work in software engineering.

Total: $19,910

The total tuition cost associated with Grace Hopper Program’s Software Engineering Immersive.

Note: While deferred tuition is our most popular payment option, Grace Hopper Program students are also welcome to pay full tuition up front. In fact, if you do not plan to work as a developer after graduation (for example, if you are a college student and will be continuing your studies or if you plan to start your own business), upfront payment is required. Total tuition costs are the same whether you pay up front or defer your tuition payment, and partial or full deposit refunds may be given to those who must leave the program early.*

*Varies by circumstance. If you believe you may need to leave the program early, contact academicaffairs@fullstackacademy.com to discuss before enrolling.

Scholarships & Financing Ways to mitigate your costs.

Due to our deferred-tuition model, students are not eligible for additional financing options. However, there are a few creative ways to reduce or spread out your overall spend.

Grace Hopper Track (Chicago)

Our Grace Hopper Track (co-ed) offers Chicago women our same deferred tuition model, plus an automatic $2,000 scholarship--reducing tuition to $14,910.

Ada Lovelace Scholarship

Fullstack Academy our parent company offers the $1,000 Ada Lovelace Scholarship, a need-based scholarship exclusively for women that reduces total tuition to $16,910.

Edie Windsor Scholarship

In partnership with Lesbians Who Tech we offer a half-tuition scholarship for gender-non-conforming individuals & LGBTQ women.

Women Who Code Scholarship

For a limited time, Women Who Code members can apply to Bootcamp Prep course scholarships to learn the fundamentals of programming/JavaScript and prepare for admission into top coding school. Apply here.

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