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Demo Day Live was today and — once again — our students blew us away with their coding skills and creativity.

Watch the entire live event here or watch each team's presentation below!

Teams From Fullstack Academy (New York City campus)

Here & Now: With Here & Now you can see what's happening anywhere in the world. Jump into a sports event in Australia or see media that people are sharing right around you in Manhattan. See something interesting? Just start your own live event or record a video

Entwine is an online publishing platform and CMS that aims to change the way we tell stories. It uses natural language processing to generate multimedia web content, enabling anyone to create interactive news stories easily.

StackQuest is an online multiplayer RPG. Players can choose from multiple character classes to fight monsters and fellow players.

is an immersive virtual reality experience for rehearsing and conducting interviews.

Ground Control
is a VR experience between two participants, a spaceship pilot and a ground control navigator. The goal is for the navigator to look through a schematic of the space ship to guide the pilot over a remote audio connection to flip switches and press buttons in the right order to stop the spaceship from crashing into the sun before the timer runs out.

In-Tone helps you perceive and reproduce a language's tones. You are given a series of vocabulary flashcards with audio of the word being spoken by a native speaker. You can then record yourself saying the word, and In-Tone will provide you with a graph comparing the target's pitch values alongside your own.

TuneN is a place for DJs to mix live for their followers all over the world! Anyone can "TuneN" to the live session and request a song. The DJ will see the most requested songs and can choose to mix with any of them!

JellyRobots is a 3D browser game that lets people practice their Javascript skills. Players write code to instruct their robots when to move and fire, and we broadcast their battle live using Socket.IO. We provide starting code, so you can still give it a try if you don't know any programming.

Teams From Grace Hopper (NYC)

Code Board is an app for developers to practice for technical interviews using JavaScript! This app simulates the experience of a technical interview by providing only audio feedback. With practice, this app will help sharpen acuity and develop the skills to ace an interview.

is a virtual chat room that responds to user sentiment and translates speech in real time. Enter a mysterious world where you can chat with users in twelve languages, and watch the emotional analysis of your conversation unfold via changes in the scene.

adventureUs is a place for friends to meet and plan a trip together. Buddies can share and view each other's availability dates, suggest and view ideas, and live chat. A scrollable timeline helps to keep everything organized in one place.

CollaboWrite is a web-based single page app that allows text-editing, organization, and collaboration on long documents. It allows collaborators to communicate, review, and work on shared projects in real-time.

Teams from Fullstack Academy (Chicago campus)

WikiWeb is a Google Chrome extension that visualizes and analyzes your Wikipedia browsing habits. Leveraging the Chrome API, the D3 Javascript Library, and the Rosette Text Analysis API, this extension tells the story of a user’s intellectual curiosity.

Arrow Storm is a real time online multiplayer archery game. Jump, shoot, and dodge your way to glory!

Phantom Racer is a React Native fitness application for runners that we developed for iOS. It keeps track of your location and times when you run, and provides you with detailed stats about your run history. It also allows you to create and share routes with other users- you can even race against other users’ “past selves” or “phantoms” in realtime! Team Members: Gabi Klapman, Charles Long, Alyssa Ramsey

Teams from Fullstack Academy (Remote Campus)

dataLab: A desktop application that enables businesses to stay informed of critical performance metrics by helping analysts to create customizable, shareable dashboards of D3 visualizations based on real-time data. Analysts can share their customized charts and SQL queries to enable collaborative dashboard-building; finalized dashboards can be exported and shared with decision-makers and others that need the data.