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Fullstack Maintains (and Helped Create) CIRR for the Strictest Outcomes Reporting Standards

By Daniel Weiss

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What is CIRR?

With so many options for coding bootcamps, potential students rely heavily on student outcomes to make informed decisions. CIRR (Council on Integrity in Results Reporting) is the new gold-standard for displaying and publishing student outcomes for coding bootcamps.

Fullstack Academy is one of 15 reporting member-schools (as well as a founding member) to voluntarily submit their outcomes reporting to uniformly strict standards. Bootcamps that aren’t adherent to CIRR standards can, and do, devise their own standards — these may incorporate exclusions or allowances that boost a school’s graduate hiring rate.

Common corner-cutting measures can include:

  • Not counting graduates who did not respond to survey requests

  • Not counting graduates who returned to college/sought additional education post-program

  • Not counting students who did not complete the program

  • Not counting students who launched their own company after graduation

  • Not disclosing graduates who were hired by the bootcamp itself

  • Equating internships/contract work with full-time employment

  • Equating any type of employment with in-field employment

  • Flexible time-windows for results reporting

  • Non-disclosure of salary-breakdowns

CIRR members must report statistics on an ongoing basis and provide a breakdown of results according to:

  • Campus location

  • Salary range

  • Graduate starting job title

  • Time to employment

  • Type of employment

  • Student retention rates

  • A consistent 6-month reporting window

CIRR schools must display their results prominently for prospective students to evaluate. If your research uncovers hiring rates which seem unbelievable, it may be worth checking whether a school adheres to transparent reporting standards. Fullstack Academy and The Grace Hopper Program’s results can be found by visiting their respective homepages.