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Learn to Code

Coding vs. Programming: Skill Requirements and Career Opportunities

A comparison of coding vs. programming roles uncovers similarities and differences in skills and career opportunities.
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How Fullstack Works

Want to Learn From Google-Grade Software Engineers? Gabriel Lebec Explains Why That's Possible at Fullstack

Today, meet former instructor Gabriel Lebec, who has recently transitioned to Google. He tells us why Google keeps hiring Fullstack instructors (at present he's the *third* this year!), his advice for prospective students, and how he got into teaching in the first place.
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Learn to Code

Do You Have to be Good at Math to Code? Debunking the Myth

You don’t need to be a math whiz to become a developer. You do need to be a strong problem solver.
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Grace Hopper Program

Learn to Code ASAP with Our 5 Favorite Free Coding Classes

Get started learning to code ASAP with our favorite free coding classes and websites, as recommended by our students, alums, and instructors.
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Learn to Code

What is Coding? Part I: Understanding the Basics

If you want to learn any programming language, understanding basic programming concepts is essential. We try to answer "what is coding?"
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Women in Tech

Women in STEM: 20 Organizations Working to Close Tech’s Gender Gap

The gender gap in STEM industries is still way too wide. But it’s narrowing all the time, thanks in no small part to the work of these 20 teaching organizations.
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