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The Surest Way to Prepare for the Coding Bootcamp Admissions Process

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The prospect of attending Fullstack—or our partner program, Grace Hopper Academy—and building a career in software engineering attracts programming enthusiasts of all levels to our school. But Fullstack’s immersive curriculum is advanced—it has to be, in order to teach the complex skills that get developers hired—and therefore not appropriate for everyone. That’s why Fullstack applicants undergo our thorough coding bootcamp admissions process, to ensure that when we accept a student’s money and time, we’re confident that that student will be successful both throughout the program and afterward, as they enter the job market.

Beginner candidates building up their skillset with an eye to enrolling in our immersive program often ask us the best way to prepare for coding bootcamp admissions. While in the past we’ve recommended online resources like codecademy and Code Wars, the truth is that those sites aren’t geared specifically towards the bootcamp admissions process (or the real-world software engineering interview processes they mimic). That disconnect can then be jarring to students who start the admissions process believing they’re prepared, only to realize they aren’t.

That’s why we decided to build our own admissions prep course that we know for sure will prepare prospective students for coding bootcamp admissions. The class, Fullstack’s Bootcamp Prep, has a fast-paced and intense structure: 4 nights a week for 4 weeks. The course covers everything students need to know to successfully navigate the coding bootcamp admissions process at Fullstack, at our Grace Hopper partner program, or at any other well-known school, like Flatiron, Dev Bootcamp, Hack Reactor, etc.

We’re so confident that Bootcamp Prep students will not only build the skills they need to successfully navigate the coding bootcamp admissions process, but also that they’ll really take to the culture at Fullstack, that we offer a Free with Refund policy: If you complete at least 90% of the course, we'll refund ALL of your investment.

All Bootcamp Prep students must take the required pre-work module before the first day of class.

Bootcamp Prep arms students with the skills they need for the rigorous coding bootcamp admissions process, and provides a supportive environment of expert instructors and passionate fellow students. Enroll now to start preparing for your new career.