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Grasshopper is a tool that developers can include in their applications to allow their users and customers to report any problems or issues they may experience while using the product or website. Developers place a few lines of our code in their app or website, which will give them the ability to collect data when their users report a problem. The developer can then log into our website to see all the bugs, problems, or issues their users reported visualized in a centralized dashboard.

Our app removes the often arduous, convoluted process of reporting a problem when a user or customer encounters a website or application that doesn’t function as expected. It gives them a direct path and communication channel that simultaneously provides a platform to voice their individual experience (or lack thereof) and grabs information pertinent to a developer. The details shared with the developer are intended to more quickly identify the environment where the problem occurred and offer insight into the root problem so the error can be resolved more rapidly.

Team Members
  • Ashley Hartt, Mallory Payne, Danielle Sheehan, Nichole Bates

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