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Plont is a beautiful and minimalist garden planner for the modern city or suburb dweller.

It combines user input, including plot size, sunlight distribution, and zip code, with recommendations from the Farmer’s Almanac, which have been quantified and stored in a PostgreSQL database. Plont's algorithm then uses this data to create a plot plan with optimal growing conditions, such as ideal spatial distribution and compatible plant neighbors.

Plont also provides a calendar that can notify users via toast and text of important dates, including planting and harvest days, and utilises a weather API to alert users when nature will water their crops for them.

In addition, the app has an illustrated compendium of plontables replete with relevant information such as feeding and watering recommendations.

Plont is a gentle and friendly tool that guides users through the myriad of decisions necessary to create a harmonious vegetable patch. Use it for all your garden planning needs today!

Team Members
  • Becca Clipper, Tessa Park, Elizabeth Dielentheis, Emily Malec Brown

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