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Shared inboxes can be a challenge to navigate effectively—often times, it can be unclear whose responsibility it should be to respond and emails can easily fall through the cracks if tasks aren't clearly assigned. Tembo allows teams to elegantly manage their shared inbox to ensure responses are provided by the right person in a timely manner.

Tembo allows users to create shared labels so team members can all see and access the same labels to streamline organization of emails. Users can also assign tasks to their teammates, to ensure that no conversation goes unresponded to and to indicate who should take the next steps. Comments can also be added to email threads so relevant information is readily available. Additionally, Tembo helps teams with collision detection, by clearly indicating if another member is responding to the same issue, so that multiple people do not respond to the same customer message. Most importantly, Tembo achieves all of these features in real-time, so overlap of tasks is avoided.

Tembo also provides additional productivity tools, such as a snooze feature and email templates. Snoozing temporarily stashes emails and returns them after a designated period of time and templates can be used so users spend less time manually responding to common questions.

Team Members
  • Kathy Chang, Rina Krevat, Belinda Lai, Katrina Velez

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